Thursday, 19 February 2015

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Hi, my name is Lucy and I am a wanderlusting wordsmith and the editor at The Wanderlust Scout - a blog dedicated to scouting the world for the best in travel. The site is a being set up to be a treasure trove of travel articles that house everything from hotel and restaurant reviews, travel journals and ‘my London life’, how to move countries, the best airlines for all budgets, travel inspiration, travel style and all my (and my contributors) travel experiences. It doesn’t beat around the bush - it gets to the nitty gritty, and does so with as much humour as possible... Cause, #YOLO!

I started the site to document my massive life change - my move from Sydney, Australia, to London, England. The site is designed to be fun, full of humour and can be contributed to by anyone who wants to share their travel stories (so hit me up if you have one - all linked back to your social accounts, of course).

So now, a little about me: Lucy Pilz!

I am the editor of The Wanderlust Scout, but also the editor at Skeeter and Scout - a beauty and lifestyle blog that scouts the world for the best in beauty and lifestyle. 

I am a digital nomad who works in social media by day, and spends her spare time running two successful blogs and “conquering” the digital universe one blog post at a time

I have a love of peonies, pun, travel, pugs, boots, diet coke, macarons good punctation and of course, One Direction (yes, I am a 25 year old with a passion for a teeny-bopper band #Whatevs). I also hoard beauty products like there is going to be a beauty apocalypse (perks of beauty blogging, I suppose). 

I am an eteranal optimist and can often be found counselling all my friends in their relationships... and being so very single. Fingers crossed I meet a nice British man when I move to London (or just Harry Styles - I wouldnt complain ha)!

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