Sunday, 1 February 2015

Monthly Advertisers | February

Hi Lovelies. Can you believe we are into February already? At least that means we are getting closer to Spring and hopefully some warmer weather! Here are my lovely advertisers for February... Keep on reading to find out a little more about them and also look out for my gold advertisers personal blog posts during February.

Gold Advertiser - The Wonderlust Scout.

The Wanderlust Scout is a travel blog dedicated to scouting the world for the best in travel. The blog was founded as a means of quenching Lucy’s wanderlust, and to document her travels as she moved from Australia to London. 
By day, Lucy works in Social Media, and by night, she blogs. The Wanderlust Scout was founded off the back of Lucy’s initial beauty and lifestyle blog: Skeeter and Scout: as has since inception in October 2014, taken off to a positive start. 

Stay tuned for more adventures across the UK and Europe, and Lucy takes you on a her adventures - the good, the bad and the ugly!

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Gold Advertiser - Crazy Stupid Jazz.

Hi all! My name is Jazmine, I am 25 and I am from North Wales in the UK. I write a blog called ‘Crazy Stupid Jazz’, which pretty much sums up me and what my blog is about. I write more of a lifestyle blog and all of my posts are personal to me. I write about a vast array of things from makeup and beauty products I am loving, diet and fashion to days out, my time working overseas and so much more. I write open and honestly about everything and I hope you see that when you read my posts and embark on the journey of life with me. I shall see you over there soon, Jazz xxx

Gold Advertiser - Just Ems.

Hi I'm Emma, a 32 year old red-head from Southampton. Lover of shoes, food and shopping I have embarked on a life long journey to finally get slim, fit and healthy. Like most girls, I have struggled with my weight and love of food for my entire teenage and adult life, with the food always winning the battle over being skinny! After countless of failed attempts to lose weight, I've finally realised that the best way to lose weight and stay healthy is to have a healthy lifestyle of eating clean and regular exercise. 'Just Ems' is my way of keeping myself on my journey to discover and share new recipes and to motivate me to work towards my goal of keeping weight off. Join me and my love/hate relationship with my scales as I battle with my junk food addiction and work towards becoming a healthier person, inside and out whilst following the principles of eating clean :)

Silver Advertiser - All You Need is Red Lipstick.

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I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about my monthly advertisers. Don't forget to head over to their blogs and say hello! Their links will be in my sidebar throughout February and don't forget to look out for my gold advertisers personal blog posts during the month.

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