Thursday, 5 March 2015

Making A House A Home For Less by Emma - Harmony Blaze

So as Sarah is currently moving home and because I've been giving mine a little TLC of late as well I thought I would do a little post on how to make your house a home without breaking the bank. 

Moving is expensive enough without thinking about furnishings and home comforts, so this is where a little shopping really can go a long way! Recently I transformed my 'box room' into a useable, cosy and inviting space for under £75 and here's how.

Now I must admit that the painting in this room was done a few months ago when I first started to think about converting the room from what had essentially become a laundry room into a study. One tip I would give regarding paint would be to try places such as The Range before committing the higher prices of the big DIY superstores. They tend have old season stock at lower prices and every penny you can save adds up at the end. Oh and whilst I'm on The Range the blind I used in the room was picked up in there for under £15.

Before I started in this room there were a few boxes that had never been unpacked and my Ikea Kallax unit. A few of the items you can see now dotted around simply came out of those boxes but others were carefully sourced...

The chair bed is another Ikea item, but luckily enough a family member was looking to get rid of theirs and we were lucky enough to pick this up for free. But little things like this you can find on eBay and Gumtree at a fraction of the cost as well. It came with a simple grey cover but the addition of the plain black throw and cushions from Poundstretcher completely change this from a simple sofa chair to an inviting place to read and relax on an evening. The three items came in under £20 and there plenty of styles and colours to choose from.

The addition of a canvas on the plain cream wall brightened up a blank space but again this was something I already had around. But I did pick up a number of new vases and candle holders to finish the room off and again they were a complete steal. In total I spent around £20 on these including candles and the secret of their low cost? They all came from a garden centre. When decorating inside the house you tend to overlook these little gems but they are seriously fantastic.

But there you have it, a little investment and a little love has made this room one that I really enjoy spending time in.

I hope you've enjoyed my little interior post, remember to shop around and don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to where to shop either.

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This is a Guest post as I'm currently taking a 2 week break. See you all soon x



  1. Sometimes I love a good hand-me-down! When I was in the UK I also liked to scour Freecycle ;)


  2. Your room looks so cosy and I agree, Ebay and Gumtree definitely have some great furniture for cheaper prices! I really like how you got your candles from the Garden Centre - will definitely be going round to mine!


  3. Love the cute cosy theme that you've got going on! I love homeware - it makes me so excited to have my own place one day!
    Rachel Coco


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