Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Dressing Table & Makeup Storage

When I ask on my blog or twitter what blog posts you would like to see, I always get requests for my dressing table and makeup storage. I've had my Ikea Malm dressing table for a while now and brought some handy storage inserts about a week after I purchased the dressing table but it has taken just over a year, and me moving house for me to actually put the inserts in the draw and sort my makeup! I also used to have a boring black chair at my dressing table but since moving house I have changed it for the Ikea Adde Chair which is a simple white and also a bargain at £10.

Being a makeup lover, I have tubs and tubs full of makeup, so I decided just to put my most loved products into my dressing table draw. My storage inserts are Ikea Stodia which are actually cutlery trays but fit nicely in the draw and my makeup fits into them perfect. Ikea have some material draw dividers but I preferred these as they are plastic, so if any foundation or bronzer gets onto them they are easy to clean, where as the material ones would be a bit of a nightmare!

In my dressing table draw I have all of my favourite products that I tend to wear often, divided into foundations, single eyeshadows/concealers, eyeshadow palettes/blushers, bronzers/lip balms/mascaras/eyeliners, lipsticks and then random hair products that I use everyday and my hand cream that my boyfriend uses more than me!

Onto the top of my dressing table... I have my everyday perfumes on there that I wear to work. I save my more expensive perfumes for best and some of my favourite work perfumes are actually from Avon! My owl jewellery stand is from Poundland! One day I was having a quick browse and came across it, obviously for £1 I would have been dumb not to buy it, and it's perfect for keeping my everyday jewellery on there. I also have a heart trinket box that my Dad brought me when I was younger, I use this to keep some of my earrings in that I don't wear as often as the ones on my jewellery stand.

Also on top of my dressing table is a Chanel bag which I use to store bits and bobs in, an Ikea Korken Jar which was a bargain 80p that I use to store my cosmetic cotton wool pads so I can grab my cleanser and quickly remove my makeup of an evening. Plus it looks neat too.
Finally, I think every beauty blogger stores their makeup brushes in the Skurar plant pot... Even my nan does! I don't keep all of my makeup brushes in here, just my everyday brushes, hair clips and scissors.

So there is my current dressing table and makeup storage. It has been well requested for a while now but better late than never eh?

If you have any posts on your dressing table/makeup collection then be sure to link yours below.



  1. Your desk is soo beautiful! And soo organised! Mine looks like that at the beginning of the week and then by the end of the week everything is jumbled! #beautyproblems ;) xxx great post! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

  2. I'd like to have a Malm, but Ikea is so far away! I love the sleekness of it!


  3. Really love your set up. I love these sorts of blog posts as i really want to upgrade my makeup storage eventually (maybe in the next year or less). At the moment i am not to happy with it but it is ok for the time being. Also my collection keeps growing so i need to really have a good think about what i want my collection to eventually look like and how i want my products to look like in the drawers.
    Becca x

  4. Love your set up - its so tidy and organised. I need to give my stash a good clear out & get it organised

  5. This is so tidy and organised - bet the natural light from the window is super helpful too. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I actually do my makeup in all my stuff is stored in drawers next to it, ha!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  6. I have the Malm as well, I just got mine a few days ago. I love seeing how people organise their makeup in their dressing tables - fab post!

    Sally -

  7. Great post! That table is so handy with all its self-made slots :)

    P.s have you entered my giveaway?


  8. Your dressing table is so tidy! Mine is so unorganised it's embarrassing, definitely need to have a clear out after seeing yours! Haha. Also, I love your owl jewellery stand. :)

    Eunice Caroline |

  9. It looks so organised and it is white (I mean best thing ever, right?). It is good to have your favourite and most-used products in a special place. Easy to reach since you'll be using them more!


  10. I have the Malm dresser too, I love it. I currently use old glossy boxes to divide my make up but love the look of the drawer dividers you have used, it looks much neater. x

  11. really love the look of your dressing table very sleek and modern, id love one for myself.
    but my makeup collection would not fit in there currently using massive freezer draws to store it all as my dressing table draws are full of little combs brushes notebooks diary and a few other bits i dont like on show. love the blog by the way very nicely designed Caroline from nomorefrizzyhairdays

  12. Ahhh it looks so beautiful and organised! This is like my dream makeup storage. The makeup brush pot is gorgeous too. xx

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

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  14. Your dresser is super beautiful and organized! I love the owl jewelry stand, such a decorative way to display your rings. And, I think the tray inside the drawer is a great tip for organizing!

    ★ ★

  15. I always look at this dressing table but can never decide if I want it or not. Perfect for storage but wanted an antique one! The cutlery drawers look perfect for organising everything though x

  16. I love that you put the desk right i front of the window, perfect lighting to do your makeup!

    Mona x

  17. Your desk is so clean and tidy. It looks lovely! You have some gorgeous bits.

    Shannon // Sixth Skyline

  18. what a gorgeous set up! i want to go to ikea just to get those pots for my brushes!

  19. Such a cute arrangement for your make up and every day hygiene essentials. Very simple, chic and elegant. I have a few pieces from the MALM IKEA collection, but not this item. Did you get it with the glass top?


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